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This Privacy Statement (“Privacy Statement”) explains how TEEMAKER (Sky Winner Investment Limited), 19th Floor, Fu Yuen Plaza, 37-39 Wing Hong Street, Cheung Sha Wan, Hong Kong (“TEEMAKER”, “Company” and “us”)) , process and use your data. We are the operator of this website and the provider of services related to the website. We provide a platform for us and the designers we work with to collectively (collectively: “seller”) to sell clothing goods and clothing custom services. This Privacy Statement applies to information collected through our websites, mobile applications, electronic communications or services, or other websites and connections we provide, or pages that address the applicability of this Privacy Statement (collectively, the “Site”). In this document, we will represent us and our affiliates with “TEEMAKER”.

We will update this Privacy Statement on a regular basis to clarify the way we do things and reflect the latest privacy practices, such as adding new services, features or features to our website. If we make any material changes, we will notify you by email (sent to the email address specified in your account), or post a notice on the website or otherwise notify. You can determine the version of the privacy statement by referring to the Effective Date in the Privacy Statement.

1) We will collect information in the following situations
If you use this website, we will collect and retain the following information about you from you:
(i) your email address and website password;
(ii) your payment details, settlement and delivery address;
(iii) your phone number;
(iv) your region, browser category and operating system, website browsing mode (eg, via cookies) and purchase history;
(v) other information that you have submitted to us, or confirm your information based on the interaction of our website and services.

You can interact with us, for example, if you:
(i) register and log in to the account;
(ii) open or reply to the email;
(iii) providing information, signing up or participating in a program provided by other vendors, co-marketers, distributors and other business partners, or providing the services you request, with your consent, or when necessary. ;
(iv) visit any webpage that displays our advertisements or content online;
(v) interacting or connecting to this website or link through social networking tools; and
(vi) Post a comment on this website.2) Your options
You have the right to choose whether or not to provide us with your personal information. However, if you do not provide us with the personal information you need, we may not be able to provide you with the information, products or services that meet your requirements. You have the right to manage the type of personal information you provide to us, and to limit how we communicate with you.

You have the right to log in to your account through this website, or to adjust your settings in our mobile app to manage your email and notification preferences. You can also manage how you can subscribe to any commercial email we send to you through the Business Subscription Management Directive. You can choose to subscribe to certain types of information, or you can choose not to subscribe or unsubscribe from other information. You can update your subscription preferences at any time. Please note that even if you decide not to subscribe or unsubscribe from promotional emails, we may still need to contact you regarding your account and important transaction details. For example, even if you have unsubscribed from our promotional email, we will still send you a confirmation email when you shop from the website.

You can control how your browser handles cookies by adjusting your privacy and security settings. The browser type is different, so please refer to the instructions of the relevant browser for other privacy and security settings related to cookies. You can also manage your mobile phone and mobile browser, set up to share information about your device with us, and use your mobile device to adjust privacy and security settings through your mobile browser to determine how cookies are handled. Please refer to your mobile phone service provider and manufacturer’s instructions for how to adjust the settings.

When you contact us through a social networking platform or app, you can manage which personal data you share with us. Please refer to Section 10 below and the privacy policies and settings of social networking sites or applications to determine how to adjust our permissions and manage our interaction with your social network account or mobile device.

3) How do we use information?
The purpose of our processing of personal data is as follows:
(i) operate, maintain and improve this website;
(ii) provide you with information and offers via email after obtaining your consent;
(iii) promoting and processing orders;
(iv) determine that you are eligible to receive certain types of offers, products and services that match your interests and analyze the effectiveness of your advertising;
(v) answer your questions and respond to your requests;
(vi) Establish and analyze individual and group profiles and customer behavior;
(vii) with your consent, to communicate with you and provide additional information about our interests, our sellers and our business partners;
(viii) send you reminders, technical notices, updates, security alerts, support and management information, service announcements, marketing information (with your consent), and the information you request, including information on behalf of business partners ;
(ix) managing awards, surveys, sweepstakes, contests or other promotional activities or projects;
(x) Manage our day-to-day business needs, such as administrative work on the site, forum management, fulfillment, analysis, fraud prevention, or ensuring compliance with legal requirements;
(xi) comply with our legal obligations, resolve disputes and enforce our agreements;
(xii) allows you to apply for a job;
(xiii) Improve other information we hold about you to help us understand you better, to judge your preferences and to provide you with more targeted and attractive services.

4) When and why we disclose information
We are not operating a business that sells or rents personal data. We will not share your personal information with third parties except in the following cases:
(i) in order to comply with the goods or services you have purchased, or to participate in offers, awards, contests, other events or sponsorships offered by us or the seller on behalf of the business partners, so that we can practice the necessary contractual obligations with the business partners to you;
(ii) in case a buyer has purchased all or most of the assets of our company for merger, acquisition or restructuring;
(iii) support auditing, compliance and corporate governance functions in order to comply with regulatory and government requirements;
(iv) protect our rights or our affiliates, business partners and users, or any litigation that affects TEEMAKER in order to combat fraud and criminal activity;
(v) in response to a subpoena or similar legal process, including law enforcement agencies, regulatory agencies and courts

5) How do we collect information?
When you sign up, subscribe, create an account, make a purchase, or otherwise contact us or actively send a message, you are providing us with personal information. For example, when you contact our customer service online and use self-help tools such as email, SMS or post to the online community, you are providing us with personal information. When you use cookies and other technologies to interact with us on this website through the website, you are also providing us with personal information.

6) Security of personal data
We have implemented a security program that includes administrative, technical and practical management information to protect your personal data management, including industry-standard encryption technologies.

7) Contact us about your rights to your personal data
You can access, update, correct, and delete the information you provide to us by logging into your account or by writing to hello@teemakerhk.com. We update your personal information from time to time so that we can respect your preferences and provide you with the products and services that are most relevant to you.
In accordance with applicable law, you have the right to:
(i) request access to any other personal data held by us and request that it be updated, corrected, deleted or blocked;
(ii) require us to stop using any personal data we hold;
(iii) prohibit us from setting up any user configuration for you

If you have any questions or comments about our privacy policy or practices, or this privacy statement; if you wish to exercise any of the above rights or other rights in your personal data that you own, or if you wish to close TEEMAKER For account numbers or other questions or requests, please write to hello@teemakerhk.com. You can also contact us by post at the following address: TEEMAKER – 19th Floor, Fuyuan Plaza, 37-39 Yongkang Street, Cheung Sha Wan, Hong Kong

While we are ready to help you manage your subscription options, close your account and delete your activity profile, we can’t completely delete past interactions and transaction history. For example, we need to keep a record of your previous purchases on the website to prepare for financial reporting and compliance.

8) Retention of personal data
If your account remains active or if we need to provide services to you upon request, we will retain your personal information and save your transaction history in preparation for financial reporting. We will also retain your personal data in order to comply with our legal obligations, resolve disputes, and enforce our agreements.

9) Social networking site features
This website may be connected to a platform where you can publicly post material, communicate with others, such as discussion boards or blogs, comment on products and businesses, or submit your own original content. All information you post may be made available to any Internet user, and your information on this post may be read, collected, and made available to others.

10) Privacy statement on third parties
This Privacy Statement covers only the information collected, processed, and used (including publicly available) when using this website. Other websites that may be connected through this website have their own privacy statements and practices for collecting, processing, using and disclosing information. Our business partners may also have their own privacy statements. We encourage you to read their privacy statements before providing information or obtaining their sponsorship, offers or participation in promotional activities.

Effective date: April 1, 2018