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About Us

TEEMAKER has always been committed to providing a full range of services to all walks of life, we specialize in all types of clothing, boutique design, production, sales and wholesale, technology including silk screen, digital, enamel, heat transfer, embroidery and so on. We have a dedicated person to make the perfect product every time. If you need Tee, Polo, Sweater, Sweater, Hat and other different products, you can order it.

We hope that customers can easily get the products they want, so they are very happy to provide the most intimate service and quality to meet your needs by listening and understanding your needs. In addition, TEEMAKER also offers many different printing solutions, whether it is an individual, a school, a group, a company, a team or a variety of events, we can make your work easier, please feel free to ask us.

We may not be the cheapest price, but it must be your best partner!